My dads face has lines
That formed so slowly no one noticed.

The Pollen falling is another thing
you don’t see
Until its covered some shiny

Through the glass, down at dried up rivers
Look at the lines on dads face
The tears that must’ve flowed here.

Raspberry painted paper plates
I surrender to cherry blossoms,
Petals parachuting and armies of white,
So springs first pure sunlight
Can sink through me fully.

Then tears can carve canyons
In my face for fifty years too,
And no one will notice.

Warm Welcome

I greeted you with a smile and a handshake 

that must’ve hung for hours. And

while our bodies were bridging kids

were dying everywhere.

I’m really sorry to hear that sir-

I was gliding the other hand over

your brushed rare metals

Our arms disconnect but our eyes never do-

I was trained to use my naked soul for anyone 

to trample here. Brainwashed really.

It’s retail. Anyway-

The metal feels 

like your kids’ Mercedes Benz’s.

Cold lifeless aluminum

A sterile chiseled symbol of the unforgiving

elements conquered and harnessed 

and given to people like you for

"basic" use.

Wouldn’t dare mention the lives lost 

for your leisures.

The children.

I completely understand your frustration sir.

We’ve given the greatest

thinking tools of the modern age

to those who do not try to understand


but smiles

and handshakes. 

I am frustrated too.